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What do Marketers and Advertisers do

A company that needs to get their message to the client or preferred target group requires a marketing team tasked with the following roles to ensure this happens. Surveys and client support groups are carried out and created respectively in order to capture client feedback accordingly. They must also be able to carry out research and create social networks that aid in further understanding customer needs so as to change them to customers. In order to improve on brand visibility and performance in the market, the marketing team must know the position of their company. For communication on the values of the brand, the marketers must come up with exciting ways of broadcasting this information.

The marketing group should always be up to date with current strategies, trends and digital tools. The marketers should also be familiar with tracking tools such as project tracking and analytical tools and user feedback In order to monitor the digital marketing strategies the marketing team should use automation tools. In order to come up with exciting promotions and customer retention programs, the marketing team must be very creative. The company should have one goal and work towards achieving it together; therefore, every employee should be aligned with the overall goals of the company. A budget and plan are crucial to the marketing team when they want to achieve a positive return on investment. Marketing strategies should strive to solve problems challenging the business, for example, having promotions that encourage customers to buy goods that are perishable and nonmoving items.

A goal-driven marketing team should have long and short term goals that are cost-efficient. However, an advertising team aids in making the strategies of the marketing come alive by having people at the right place, buying the right product at the right price. The advertising team should also be able to measure the market share of your company and brand awareness. The advertising group is also responsible for making jingles, posters and televised material that are ideas put through by the marketing team. The advertising team should also know how many people get to read, see or hear adverts by gauging the response of the material they put out. To push the brand advertisers to need to manipulate when, where, what and how consumers shop for preferred brands. Advertisers should be able to woo customers from purchasing products from their competitors. Customers should more often than not get information on a product from an advert on how they are used and how frequently it should be used.

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