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Why Use Electronic Signatures

A lot of businesses these days are getting rid of pen and paper and going paperless. While your office might not be completely paperless, now is the best time to adopt electronic signatures.

An electronic signature is an electronic data that is used by a signatory to sing. Your electronic signature has the same legal standing as a handwritten signature if it adheres to the requirements of the specific regulation it was created under.

The electronic signature has a unique identifiable mark which is used to authenticate documents quickly without pen and paper. While there are concerns about security, electronic signatures are continually being used for private affairs, legal documents, business transactions, and official government documents.

If you use electronic signatures, then you will enjoy these benefits.

Electronic signatures are simple and easy to use which is one of its benefits. If you are able to deliver a secure link to a recipient, then you can use electronic signatures. You have completed the process once the recipient signs the document. It simply takes opening a link and clicking a button to use electronic signatures.

If you use electronic signature, then you are assured that your document is safer and more secure than traditional paper documents. The reason for this is because it does not only have your signature but other information as well including who signed the document, when the document was signed, and where it was signed.

There is geographic dispersal in businesses today. This means that business can deal with various suppliers, customers, and partners in different geographical locations. With electronic signatures, you can have remote authentications which makes it a more convenient solution than mailing, printing, and scanning.

There is a faster turnaround with the convenience of electronic signatures. With electronic signatures, every part can sign off within seconds and you don’t have to mail, print, sign, scan, and send to the next signatory, which is very time-consuming. When the situation is time-sensitive, then electronic signatures give a faster turnaround that gives business greater versatility.

Compared to traditional pen and paper method, using electronic signatures is more cost-effective. You can save on paper, as well as on postage, mailing supplies and time. You get a lot of savings over the years.

You may still be using the traditional pen and paper signatures but now is the right time to consider about switching to electronic signatures.

People today are getting used to seeing or signing electronic documents and so it is already becoming very common in our day.

If you switch to electronic signature today, you will be saving a lot of money of costs of traditional signing methods; so consider switching to electronic signatures today. Then you can focus on bigger and better things for your business.

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