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Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Earth Auger

When you need to dig a posthole, there are different tools that you could use. The functionality and ease of work that is offered by these tools differ. The task of digging hole may be exhausting but it is made easier with the right tool. One tool suitable for digging holes is an earth auger. Earth augers typically consist of a helical blade and a drill bit. This drilling device makes it easier to dig holes than the conventional tools. Tools like shovels and posthole diggers require a lot of effort to be put in. Using them causes strain to the back and neck since bending is necessary. An earth auger is designed to be used while standing and therefore no strain to the back or neck is caused. There are different models and brands that earth augers come in. When you are choosing an auger, it must offer you the level of functionality you need from it. Many factors should be weighed in when you are choosing an earth auger. Here are a few essential tips for purchasing an earth auger.

Before purchasing an earth auger, you should ensure you are well informed on the different types of earth augers available. The hand-auger is the simplest type available. These augers offer portability as they are lightweight. These earth augers are ideal for drilling small holes for agricultural purposes and for planting trees or shrubs. Hand augers are best for doing small tasks and come at a low cost. The other type available is a one-man auger. They have more power than hand augers. These are best suited for digging deeper holes and are powered by a battery or engine. They also tend to be lightweight and provide ease of use making them ideal for putting up a small fence. The two-man auger is the other type of earth auger available. This earth auger is more powerful than the other two types. This earth auger is ideal for digging a higher number of holes and also deeper holes.

The size of the earth auger is an important consideration to make. The size you buy will depend on the depth of the hole you need and also the diameter of the hole. If you will be drilling deeper holes, you should ensure that the auger has a powerful engine and that it has a long drill bit. Digging deeper holes will be possible when you have an extender. Functionality should be offered by the earth auger purchased. The diameter of the auger should be considered. Augers that have an eight-nine inch diameter are ideal for larger posts. You should purchase an auger that is of the size that is ideal for the use it’s intended for.

When buying an earth auger, consider these tips.

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