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Roller conveyors are an integral part of any production company. When products are being assembled, these roller conveyors help to ensure the products are moved down the assembly line. There are both motorized and gravity conveyors that are available, depending on the needs of the individual company. Keep reading for more information on roller conveyors so you can decide which type will most effectively meet your company’s needs and production budget.

Understanding the Differences Between Motor-Driven and Gravity Conveyors

There are a few key differences in the way each of these types of conveyor rollers operates. At their core, they both help to efficiently move products along the assembly line or for shipping and processing. Understanding the differences is vital before making a decision.

Gravity roller conveyors are the most basic of conveyor systems. They use the power of gravity instead of needing an outside power source to operate. These rollers can make use of gravity if they are installed with an incline. They can also be manually pushed among the rollers if the installation is done on a level surface. This type of conveyor roller is cost-effective because it does not require energy consumption to operate.

There are also motor-driven models that require a power source. Some or all of the rollers can be powered to turn so the products are sent swiftly down the conveyor. This model offers a greater level of control because the rollers can be stopped and started at various segments along the length of the conveyor. These conveyor systems can be expertly customized in design and installation, to fully meet the unique needs of the individual company and their setup.

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