Hijackrr Review – Hijack Your Way To Profit With This ‘Point & Click’ Software That Gets You Viral Traffic, Leads & Sales 100% FREE

“Notification of Payment Received”

That’s a SWEET thing to see in your email, isn’t it?

I do not know about you, but I like opening up my in-box to see a whole string of “Notification of Payment Received” emails.

As the saying goes…”Show me the money, baby!”

Yesterday, I told you about the MUST HAVE plugin of 2017 that my pals Glynn & Ariel have just launched entitled “Hijackrr”.

And if you want to begin seeing more of those “Notification of Payment Received” emails in your in-box, then “Hijackrr” needs to be part of your plan.

Now because I know Glynn and Ariel, I could convince them to hook you up.

If you go along right now, they are not only going to open up their shopping cart early for you, but they are going to give you a pretty serious discount, too.

In fact, the discount is so massive, they would not even tell me how much it is for. I twisted Glynn’s

arm, but all he’d tell me is “LOL…just tell everybody to be there early, mate.

Hijackrr has just been launched and it is currently on the EARLY BIRD:

=> Go Here Now to Reserve Your Hijackrr Discount

Now maybe you are one of the few who the early opening of the shopping cart & the massive discount are not enough for.

(I would think you are crazy, but you know…lol)

Let me “sweeten the pot” a little and give you just a *hint* of what “Hijackrr” can do…

Want to put your opt-in box on CNN.com? Check.

How about make someone else’s review site point to your aff links? Check.

Lock that crazy popular new Ytube video that is going viral until somebody shares your page? Check.

Oh – display a popup box with a client testimonial video on your Amz or Teespring listing? Check.

Automatically redirect to a CPA offer when somebody tries to leave your page? Check.

Put extra call to action images on your iTunes listing (that Apple would never otherwise let you do)? Check.

Are you beginning to get an idea of just how powerful “Hijackrr” can be?

Now think about not only getting all this…but getting it EARLY & getting it CHEAPER than everybody else!?!

Listen – just stop reading & go get on the “Hijackrr” right now whilsts its on the early bird discount.

You have less than hours, so you need to get on it ASAP.

=> Click Here to Grab “Hijackrr” At The Early Bird Discount

Hijackrr Review And Information

  • Creator: Glynn Kosky et al
  • Product: Hijackrr
  • Date Of Release: 2017-May-22
  • Time Of Release: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: Software

What Is Hijackrr?

Hijackrr is a new state of the art software that lets you hijack any site in the world & build your own money making machines that convert due to the high level of trust the visitor has for the authority site you initially send them to.

Hijackrr combines tricks & tactics that force visitors to interact, opt-in & stay longer on your websites. This helps you drive visitors to where you want them to be, build emails lists with ease & make commission & sales on auto pilot.

Features Of Hijackrr

  • Great Hijackrr Features…
  • Newbie & Friendly plugin is easy to install & use… even with no “tech skills”
  • Hijack the authority of ANY site online in a few minutes
  • Monetize ANY site you want… Imagine having your aff links on websites like Amazon or CNN
  • Get FREE Viral traffic in a few minutes
  • Increase your sales & get more leads with mouse clicks
  • It is easy-to-customize EVERYTHING inside the plugin for maximum flexibility





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