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Your BMW is a specialized piece of machinery, therefore you shouldn’t take it to just any mechanic when it’s in need of repair. When you’re having warranty work completed, the vehicle needs to head to the dealership or so most believe. In fact, you have the right to take your BMW to a local independent BMW technician when it needs regular service. This won’t void the warranty. Doing so allows you to save money while still having your car cared for by factory trained, certified technicians. The sooner you begin your relationship with the BMW Greensboro independent shop, the sooner you begin to build a rapport with the service advisors and technicians prior to having the car serviced.

One major advantage of choosing BMW Greensboro NC is the personal relationship you’ll develop with the employees. Dealerships are known for having a high turnover rate in relation to their employees. When you go this route, you can speak to the mechanic rather than just dealing with the service advisor. This is a problem commonly seen with dealerships. The mechanic gets to know your vehicle and what it needs and can help to anticipate problems down the road.

When you choose to use an independent specialist, you’ll find the same mechanic is likely working on your vehicle each time. Head to a dealership and different technicians are assigned to different cars. If you have an issue, the mechanic at the independent dealership knows what has already been done and what to try next. The mechanic at the dealership, in contrast, will need to start from scratch each time. This means you must do without your car for a longer period of time. Most drivers wish to avoid this, if possible.

Convenience is another reason many choose an independent BMW technician. If the BMW dealership isn’t convenient for you, you may be tempted to postpone a scheduled service or put off getting the car looked at when a warning light comes on. If you choose an independent shop, one close to your home or office, you’ll find this isn’t an issue. You can take your car in when needed without a lot of hassle.

Consider an independent shop rather than the dealership. There are numerous advantages to doing so. Your job as a vehicle owner is to keep the car in top shape at all times. The independent shop can easily help you achieve this goal.

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