Three Types of roof top tent for Car Camping

Though they have been around for about a decade, rooftop tents have recently begun to be very popular. They offer more freedom than a standard tent does, and they are more economical than a motor home. If a person is considering purchasing a rooftop tent, they must decide upon what type they would like. Three types of roof top tent that can be used for car camping are hard-shell, soft-shell, and mixed-shell.

Hard-Shell Tents

Hard-shell tents are aerodynamic and attractively designed. They are also easy and quick to set up and to break down. In addition, they are virtually weatherproof and have four vertical walls which give the feeling of a little bit more space, as opposed to four walls that slant inward slightly. One of the drawbacks of the hard shell tent is that the sleeping area, while comfortable, can be relatively small. This may work for one or two people, but a family might prefer something larger.

Soft-Shell Tents

Soft-shell tents have been around for longer than hard-shell tents. One of its biggest advantages is its size. Soft-shell tents are larger than hard shell tents, making them perfect for a person, couple, or family who desires more space. In addition, they typically fold out from the footprint of the car’s roof creating an awning that can provide shade. Since they are larger, they do weigh more and take up more space on the top of the car. They can also be harder to set up and break down.

Mixed-Shell Tents

Mixed-shell tents combine features from both hard shell and soft shell tents. Many mixed shell tents are easy to set up and break down, and they have a hard-top, making them like hard-shell tents. However, they come with some of the benefits of the soft-shell tent as well. Their footprint extends out from the roof of the car, allowing for more sleeping space and creating an awning for shade.

When a person desires to branch out into the world of car camping, a rooftop tent is the way to go. This type of tent allows a person to camp wherever they can park their car. Once they examine their options and think about their needs, they will be able to choose between a hard-shell tent, a soft-shell tent, and a mixed-shell then. Once this decision is made, they will be ready to hit the road and enjoy the great outdoors!

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