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Treatment Using The Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Mental Illnesses

It is of much importance to always maintain good mental health. There are situations however that arise and affect the mental health of an individual leading exposure to major health risks. One of the major interventions available in such instances is through the cognitive behavior therapy. This is simply an psycho-social intervention that helps the mind in developing emotional regulation to counter any challenges that one maybe undergoing.

An effective treatment process includes among other things an assessment by a professional psychologist who proceeds to create a treatment plan that if fit for the patient. The assessment done in this respect seek to identify any behavioral patterns with the patient and further help ascertain if they are in any way an excess. Duration and frequency of these behaviors occurrence is also considered in the assessment. A treatment plan is then designed using the information gathered from the assessment process.

Traditionally, provision of cognitive behavior therapy follows a series of face to face sessions in which the doctor and patient have a moment together. Typically, the sessions are tailored to take an hour where the professional meets and speaks with the patient. With changing times, patients can also access the treatment sessions through video calls available through the internet platform. Face to face sessions are made possible for the patient and the service provider when this option is used. In recent times, mobile apps are available that help to provide with the platform for treatment using this approach. This also entails among other things use of artificial intelligence for treatment purposes.

In modern times, there are numerous cases of mental health conditions that are being recorded by each day despite the treatment options being available. This has led to an increase in the patient-doctor ratio and hence the need to design new approaches designed. To curb the shortage, measures such as offering materials on treatment to patients are being employed and provides with a reliable solution. As such, there are cases where a number of patients are able to active treatment with success. Service providers therefore find more time and hence create room where they can attend t other patients who are in desperate need for assistance.

Relapse of the patients who are treated is one of the major challenges with this form of treatment. These are instances where the patient fall back to the condition after a success in the treatment. Patients in this respect get a follow up schedule where they undergo screening at set times. Patients therefore get treated in a timely manner once any signs of a relapse are identified during the scheduled assessment sessions.

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