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What You Need to Know about Robert O Neill

Robert O’Neill is not only an offer, but he is also a veteran that has served he’s country well. He was among the team that managed to kill Osama bin Laden. He was a seal team leader for so many years. He was lucky enough to experience the navy life in a whole different level as he was deployed to so many places he has so much experience in this field as he held leadership in more than 400 combat missions in different wars.

Not only was he part of the military but he also was a leader of the seal teams. With the important roles he has played for the United States of America, no one knew about him though people knew he exists. Leading a mission is not an easy thing, and this is something that Robert O’Neill managed for so many years, and he served his country very well. It is never an easy task leading a whole seal team because they follow the instructions of their leader and as a leader, every decision that you make is the one that will determine the safety of your members and how successful the whole thing will be .

This man is one of the highly-trained military members that we have and him together with his team have been part of more than 800 special operations. He is well-known for the mantra never quit as he believes that someone needs to be determined for them to be successful in whatever they do. He has shown so many people that all the servicemen should be respected because they do sacrifice a lot for their country and every day they put their lives at risk for their citizens to always feel secure. It is quite unfortunate because many people are not familiar with the story of how Osama bin Laden was killed and who played that role of killing him.

Osama bin Laden was one of the most wanted terrorists who planned so many attacks; he was killed by Robert O’Neill who fired three shots that killed him instantly. Today he is retired, and he started an organization whose purpose is to help veterans cope with civilian life from the day of Retirement. He helps them in knowing the next profession that they should take depending on the skills that they have. The best thing about his organization is that veterans benefit a lot from his guidance and mentorship and when they are ready the organization helps them to find new jobs.

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