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How To Enjoy Training Your Dog Obedience Techniques
Training a dog is something many people shy away from. To successfully train a dog, it requires a lot of repetition and a lot of time. If you are not aware, dog training is an activity that is very enjoyable. At this point I know you are keen to know ways of training your dog and also enjoy the experience. It is possible to do so, but one must bear in mind that dogs are all different so their owners should apply various techniques to determine the dog’s response in the multiple ways.
One fun-filled technique for training a dog is reward training. Reward training reinforces the dog training. The method includes commanding the dog which is followed by a reward if the command was well understood. It may not sound real that you can reward a dog for a command given, but it is a reality that dog trainers should know. In reward training, clicker training is most popular of them all.
A clicker sound is produced by the owner or trainer if they give the dog a command and the dog performs it well. When the clicker sound is produced there’s a treat given to the dog at the beginning of the clicker training. This will let your dog know that he only needs to hear the click. You can after some time remove the treats and leave the clicker sounds to strengthen the training. Treats work well in dog training as they support the training. If you want to achieve maximum results in training and make it enjoyable, consider patting the dog on the head and producing excited sounds will be ideal. The kinds of treats of given to the dog determine the success of reward training. If the right dog treats are used during the training, the dog will look forward to the training sessions.

Agility training is the other fun-filled training method. Many dogs enjoy this method of training. To succeed in this kind of training the dog should observe high levels of discipline. Large dogs do not do well in this kind of training. This method includes organizing an agility course or lesson where the dog must overcome the bars in a set time frame. The barriers include wall climbing, jumping over fences, crawling through tunnels and other kinds of impediments. Since most dogs will obey the commands given by the owner, their presence is vital. When the dog training starts, leasing guidance to the dog is vital. This achieves good obedience levels in the dogs because they are aware of the need to listen to their masters as well as teamwork ability.

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