Windscreen Replacement Vs. Windscreen Repair In Auckland

A damaged windscreen can be a major safety risk, and car owners should deal with it as soon as they notice the problem. But is it better to repair a chipped or cracked windscreen or to go ahead and replace it?

Types Of Damage

Windscreen glass is made of layers that prevent it from shattering on impact. However, the glass can still be damaged in various ways. When a small rock hits the glass, for example, the impact may form a chip that looks like a bull’s eye or a spreading star. Chips don’t go all the way through the glass, but they can affect a driver’s ability to see the road. Cracks are another type of damage, and they often begin at a point of impact and then spread outward.

Dangers Of A Chipped Or Cracked Windscreen

Chips and cracks in a windscreen are dangerous for a couple of reasons. First of all, they can compromise the driver’s vision by distorting the image or reflecting a glare of light. Even a small decrease in visibility can greatly increase the risk of an accident. In addition, the windscreen is an integral part of the structure of the vehicle, and if it is compromised, the roof of the car is more likely to collapse in an accident.

When Replacement Is Necessary

Experts recommend replacing a windscreen when the damage is directly in the driver’s line of sight. In addition, windscreen replacement is necessary when there are multiple cracks or when a crack is more than three inches long. Furthermore, if one crack is very deep and penetrates both inner and outer layers of glass, replacement is the safest option.

When Repair Is Possible

When car owners catch a chip or crack early, it can often be repaired at a much lower cost than replacing the whole windscreen. With professional windscreen repair auckland, chips and cracks can be filled with a clear resin that hardens as it cures. Glass repair technicians then polish the resin until the repair is virtually undetectable. The main benefit of this type of repair is that it stops a chip or crack from getting worse.

Mobile auto glass repair is a convenient option that makes it easy for drivers to get a quick repair when they need it. A timely repair can save money and help a windscreen last longer.

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