How to Save Money on Airport Parking

Planning a vacation on a tight budget is a recipe for stress, but that shouldn’t mean only the wealthy get to leave home. Thankfully, average consumers now have access to tools that can help them save money in their travels. Start saving money from day one by checking out these helpful airport parking tips.

Off-Site Lots Offer Better Rates

Parking a car at an on-site airport lot can cost a small fortune. While parking off-site requires travelers to allocate a little extra time to finding the lot and catching a shuttle, it provides savings of up to 70%. Check out several lots nearby to find the one that offers the best rates and the most convenient shuttle schedules.

Ask Hotels About Free Parking Packages

Travelers who are driving to the airport from afar often avail themselves of the services of airport hotels. They can often book package deals that allow them to park their cars for free in the hotel’s parking lot for the duration of their trips. Hotels that offer these package deals typically provide free shuttles to the airport, as well.

Leave the Car at Home

In some cases, it’s less expensive to book a taxi, a limo service, or a shuttle than it is to park the car anywhere nearby. The most cost-effective way to implement this strategy is to sign up for a shared ride shuttle. Travelers must book shuttles in advance, but shared ride services offer upfront pricing so that travelers can find out whether they’ll really be able to save money.

Reserve Rental Cars

Those who live far from airports and plan to be gone for weeks or even months may want to forgo even the airport shuttle and rent a car. It’s often possible for travelers to rent cars from agencies near their homes and return them to airport lots for less money than it would take to hire a shuttle or park nearby. They can then simply repeat the process on the way back home.

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